The last several months have been really difficult for me emotionally. My grandfather’s health had been failing. Each time I’ve visited him I’ve cried for days afterwards because I knew his days were numbered. I wasn’t ready to let go. None of us were but we also did not want to see him suffer.

I’ve been home a lot over the last few weeks and had opportunities to see him and talk to him. Last Tuesday I spent some time with him. We watched some old westerns because they were “better than watching the news”. I’m so thankful for that time.

Grandpa passed away early Saturday morning! My heart is broken but I find comfort that he’s with my Dad and several other family members who have gone too soon.

I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith

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105 hats

I made these hats with my knitting machine for my husband and children.

Then I cranked out this one for myself in 100% wool. I admit it’s a little itchy but when I get outside in sub zero temperatures I don’t notice it. I need to give it a good wash to see if that makes a difference.

These hats were cranked out with the knitting machine. I dyed this Knit Picks Felici Worsted yarn myself. The hat on the styrofoam head was dyed with Easter egg dyes. The two red heats were dyed with Kool Aid and I used Kelly Green acid dye for the neon green hat.

This hat was made with yarn that my daughter dyed herself . It’s a gift for a friend of hers

My daughter also picked these hats out to give to the boys in her friend group

It’s safe to say that I’m enjoying my new knitting machine. I made a total of 105 hats in 3 weeks! Some for a craft sale if Aunt Char will have me again and the rest will be donations. I used 31,429 yards or 17.86 miles of yarn. That’s more yarn than I used last year all together 🤷🏼‍♀️ still have 93,730 yards or about 53 miles of yarn left.

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Machine knit hats

My goal is to use up a bunch of the yarn in my stash! I’m tired of looking at it.

I cranked out 19 hats from December 27th to December 31st

I cranked out 15 more hats! From Jan 1st to Jan 5th

I loaded up my shelf with the rest of this kind of yarn. A little math says that I can get about 55 hats out of this pile. I’m shooting for 5 new hats a day!

Then I have another kind of Knit Picks yarn to get rid of. If I remember correctly I have 151 different colors of that brand. 🙊 I bought it all in one kit.

After that I have a pile of miscellaneous yarn that I’m hoping to crank out this year as well as a pile of cotton yarn that will need to be hand knit into dishcloths!

I’m considering hitting my sock yarn stash too

After I’ve used all of this yarn I’d like to restock with yarn that goes together cohesively! Like a capsule wardrobe would! Another idea I have is to restock with all bare yarn and dye the items I knit after I’ve knit them to reduce the amount of yarn scraps that I have.

My husband and I are planning on building a tiny home for our retirement home. So I’d really like to downsize to the essential knitting supplies.

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I’d love to eventually downsize to a space like this.


I was cleaning

I was cleaning my craft room this morning and I decided to rearrange my yarn stash.

This is all of the yarn that I don’t want to keep in my stash. I’m hoping to use all of it this year. A lot of it will be made into donation hats. I’m also planning on several blankets. I’m going to break it up by cubbies below. Mostly for my own planning and information 🤪

  1. Bulky Weight Blanket
  2. One or maybe two lap blankets
  3. A crochet wrap. It’s Red Heart shawl in a ball and it sucks to knit with.
  4. Another wrap of some sorts. It’s frizzy single ply
  5. Cotton yarn for dishcloths
  6. Donation hats
  7. Donation hats
  8. I’d like to make donation hats with it but I’m not sure if the machine will like it and it’s 100% wool – Knit Picks Palette
  9. Blanket for Daughter in progress
  10. More Knit Picks Palette
  11. More Knit Picks Palette
  12. Pink blanket maybe two blankets

I also I have 8 cubbies below these; 1 with patterns, 1 with fabric, and 6 with yarn I want to keep